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  • Friday, July 22, 2016

    Caroline Fayard Denounces David Duke, Vows to Fight Hate

    In response to the David Duke’s announcement that he intends to run for United States Senate in Louisiana, Caroline Fayard issued the following statement. “I have a message for David Duke and anyone who might be inclined to support him: Your influence in Louisiana is over. Let me state right now in the plainest, most unequivocal terms--David Duke and the hate he espouses, the disgusting fear mongering he uses to prey upon people, his blatant racism, and every other vile thing he represents have no place in civil society, much less in the United States Senate."

  • Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    RELEASE: Caroline Fayard Posts More Than $1.1 Million

    Caroline Fayard reported $1,117,415.59 in receipts to-date in the latest fundraising report for the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana. "It's humbling to know that we have the support of people from across Louisiana," said Caroline Fayard. "After decades of career politicians putting their own ambition ahead of the people they're sworn to serve, Louisiana is clamoring for a change. My campaign is working tirelessly to deliver a message of economic opportunity and a level playing field for all. This report proves that message is resonating."

  • Tuesday, July 12, 2016

    RELEASE: Caroline Fayard Releases First Radio Ad of 2016

    The Caroline Fayard for United States Senate campaign began airing its first radio ad of the election cycle Monday. The :60 second spot titled “Caroline” began airing in markets across Louisiana. The ad focuses on issues facing Louisiana families and communities highlighting equal pay for women, making the minimum wage a livable wage, and criminal justice reform.

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